SAVE MicroFinance Pvt.Ltd.

A Glimpse Of SAVE MicroFinance Pvt. Ltd.

SAVE MicroFinance Private Limited is a proposed NBFC-MFI (Non-Banking Finance Company – MicroFinance Institution) to be based in The State of Bihar. with its headquarter in Gaya.SAVE MicroFinance Private Limited was formed with a focus on providing microfinance services to urban and rural poor, as well as micro and small businessmen, in the underserved geographies of India, starting with Bihar. The geographic regions served by SAVE MicroFinance Private Limited are amongst the poorest in India and also are grossly underserved by formal financial institutions.


Our Product And Services

What We Do?

We provide loans to individual as well as group members in poor regions of India for a range of income-generating activities. SAVE Micro Finance Pvt. also offers emergency loans. money transfers and gold loans to its members. SAVE Micro Finance Pvt. serves thousands of poor people across villages and urban slums in India. By providing the poor this range of economic tools, we are looking forward to the eradication of poverty.

Income Generating Loans

In the initial growth period, SAVE Micro Finance Pvt. Ltd. only offers one basic loan product, which is strictly restricted to income generating activities. During the first cycle and on average, clients apply for a loan of a maximum Rs. 1,00,000 (the minimum amount is Rs. 10,000).During each cycle thereafter, the client has the option of applying for up to 120% of the previous loan amount.Prepayment of principal is possible but only if the client settles the entire balance of the principal outstanding.

Emergency Loans

This product will start being offered to clients during the course of the next fiscal year. The emergency loan is designed to meet events that could put the continuity or effectiveness of the income generating activity at risk. To be able to access an emergency loan, the client must present a good rating in terms of credit discipline. Like the basic loan, the emergency loan must be approved by all the associates in the group.


Our Philosphy


SAVE Micro Finance Private Limited has set itself a mission to "identify and motivate poor peoples in a cost-effective way and deliver them micro finance services in an honest, timely and efficient manner."In the meantime, SAVE Micro Finance Private Limited commits to be professionally managed, operationally sustainable and financially profitable.


We envision a world where all people hold the power to create opportunity for themselves and others. The vision of SAVE Micro Finance Private Limited is to help building a society that contains an opportunity to develop the minimal socio-economic conditions needed to live a life of dignity.


Providing financial resources to enable poor women of rural, semi urban and urban communities to come out of poverty and get connected with formal financial institutions.Developing a scaleable and growing business that covers a significant number of poor households while maintaining portfolio and service quality.